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     When inquired about the homeschool life for her children, Coral Wedel was surprised. For the work she produces for her own clothing line, Coral Marie, and her husband Matt's name in the sculpture community, is the usual topic of conversation with outsiders.


     Inside the home, though, is a unique life for both Eleanor and Abner. Coral and Matt collaborate to ensure that despite their isolation from the schools, both their children can receive a life with quality education and socialization with the activities they take part in, all while being immersed in a world of art so that not a day goes by where there is a lack of creativity.


     "It's something imperative to the growth of child and a human," according to Coral. No matter the distance, no matter where they're at, Coral and Matt work to make it happen.

Story and visuals by Nate Swanson
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