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Through decades of her practicing fortune telling and paranormal investigation, Gina Kruzel has become the notorious tattooed biker who her clientele from all corners of Ohio know, love and trust. Outside state lines, Kruzel's clients from years' past remain in touch, sending letters and gifts of appreciation. It's that connection built between humans that Kruzel depends on to gain their trust and ease their nerves about the unknown and what cannot be seen in our plane. In Southeast Ohio, where the Appalachian mountains and its peaks are millions of years old, its original enormity would allegedly touch the clouds in the sky where people would climb and pray at the mountain tops. The energy beneath the ground and its aging over time is what would soon attract Kruzel from her Northeast Ohio home to the hills and the spirits that lie there. 

Soon after her move, a niche community of like-minded people warmed up to Kruzel. Her skills attracted people whose interest in the worlds beyond ours in the afterlife and have supported her career passions and leadership helping organize the Wisteria campgrounds––a haven for the spiritually ambiguous can celebrate events and seek refuge with their communities without judgement. In Gina Kruzel's world, finding the light for people became a metaphorical and literal philosophy.

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